What's terminal computer and server computer?

Every pc this is part of a computer community is known as a terminal or node.The customers the usage of different terminal computer systems can proportion statistics and ship or get hold of facts from one terminal to every other.

Server laptop

A server is a pc that offers services to the computers and other devices related to the network. The server laptop is more powerful than different computers in the network.
special offerings supplied by the server are as follows:

manipulate get entry to to the hardware, software program, and data.
Centralized storage for software, statistics, and records.
Processing records.
Sharing software program.
handling network site visitors.
There are  models of computer networks. those are as follows:

patron-Server model

Peer-to-Peer model

1.patron-Server model / dedicated Server community.

inside the customer-server version, one or more computer systems work as servers and different computer systems work as customers. The server pc controls the whole network. it's miles used to keep statistics and packages to be shared amongst one-of-a-kind computers inside the network. it may also percentage a printer attached to it. The server is the greater powerful computer than different computer systems in the community performs maximum of the processing on this network model.The client computer requests a carrier from the server laptop. The server computer presents the requested service to the client pc.
a few servers are called committed servers. A dedicated server is used to perform a  particular challenge.for example, the file server is used to keep and manipulate files. A print server is used to control punters and printing duties. in addition, network server manages network resources.


some crucial advantages of a patron-server version are as follows:

It reduces the quantity of data traffic on the community. It also provides quicker responses to the clients.
it can use less powerful computer systems as clients due to the fact maximum of the processing is performed by the server computer.


it's far an pricey version because server computer systems are luxurious.
The operations prevent all over the network when the server goes down.

2. Peer-to-Peer version

All computers within the peer-to-peer model have the equal reputation. there is no server pc to govern other computer systems. each laptop in this community will have get entry to to the devices and files on the opposite computer systems. every pc independently stores its very own software and information.


a few critical advantages of a peer-to-peer version are as follows.

It is easy to setup.
It is simple to maintain.
It does no longer require luxurious server pc.
it is appropriate for the small workplace of ten or fewer computers.
the principle disadvantage of this model are as follows:

Heavy use can gradual down the community speed.
It also offers less security of statistics because documents are saved at exclusive locations inside the network.

Hybrid version.

The hybrid version is a mixture of customer/ server model and peer-to-peer model. Many networks use a aggregate of both network fashions. This version can provide the blessings of each models.


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